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Sunday, 05 July 2015 13:39

The Louisiana Cemetery Preservation wikispace has closed due to wikispaces transfer from a FREE site, to a paid site.

Various formats are being explored for presentation. It is difficult to find one format that suits, the discovery of unknown, abandoned cemeteries, photographs, maps, and transcript information without paying for a private website. This effort is solely maintained in free time, without funds. FREE.

While the old files from the wiki were preserved the various forms of information will require
some time to process into the new website. The social media platforms vary; flickr,pdf news files, transcript information, cemetery reports, emails, the mailing list --etc including the twitter and facebook profiles and don't forget the blog.

While all of that information is being sorted and looked at for presentation -- a few vital pieces of information are being presented.


Louisiana Cemeteries in the News can be found on Facebook and will be updated here:

2013 in Review PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 29 January 2014 12:25

Have received MORE SPAM than cemetery reports in 2013 which has crippled response times to questions, reports and concerns about Louisiana Cemeteries. The angelfire site is back up as of this morning. Still working on adding a Captcha to the website form.

Public discussions are being limited to the Ancestry message board, Rootsweb mailing list or Facebook page. Access to the wiki is public, but joining or changing pages will not be available. http://louisianacemeteries.wikispaces.com/

Updating http://louisianacemeteries.100webspace.net/ with 2013 reports soon.

There were FIVE reports made during the 2013 year including ONE response necessary from the Asst. Attny General.

LOPEZ CEMETERY - Planned to work with local state Representative with regards to private family cemetery law.

FARQUHAR - Headstone resetting (Vincent Cemetery)

PIKES PEAK - Abandoned, neglected report - LAND OWNER DESTROYED

EVANGELICAL METHODIST CHURCH- Simmespoert Louisiana was sold to a private individual. Concerns over access.

EMAIL from Asst. Attny General with regards to FARQUHAR cemetery.

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Tuesday, 08 January 2013 07:48


Louisiana Cemetery Preservation


This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Starting A Cemetery Preservation Association

To give you a basic idea of what's involved in the process of starting a Cemetery Preservation Association, we have set up a "bare bones" guide that may be of some help to you in getting started. Thanks go out to the members of the Indiana Pioneer Cemetery Restoration Project mailing list for the valuable input they provided in putting this together.


Before doing anything else

  • Check to make sure that there is not a pre existing group in your focus area. A local Historical Society if there is one would be a good source for this information.

  • Find out if there are existing readings of the cemeteries in your focus area. If they do exist you might want to see about updating them.


Prior to holding a first meeting

  • Promote the fact that you are interested in exploring the possibility of starting up a Cemetery Preservation Association for your focus area to determine if there are others in the area that share your concerns and interests. Make sure that you give them a easy way to contact you, such as both a phone number and a email address. Collect both information and the names, addresses and phone numbers of people who want to be directly involved in organizing a cemetery preservation association.


  • Once you have a core group (say 3 to 6 people) that have expressed a desire and a willingness to get involved , you can schedule a private meeting with them to discuss the most pressing issues that could be solved through a cemetery preservation association and how each of them wanted be involved in the organizing committee.


  • At this stage, it is very important that this becomes a group project, rather than just your project.


  • The organizing committee needs to set the date of the first public local association meeting, decide on a location, decide how to promote attendance, choose the issues to discuss and lead the discussion as to why a cemetery preservation association is needed.


  • Start to develop a plan or organization, thinking about issues such as incorporation and such.

  • For a location, try to choose a free public location such as a local library meeting room.

  • You cannot do too much to promote this first meeting. Do everything that you can think of to get the word out to those that might share your interests.


Your First Meeting

  • At the first meeting, it is important to collect the names and addresses of those attending.

  • Have a preprinted interests survey to pass out to the people in attendance that is short and can be completed and returned before they leave.

  • Make sure that someone is assigned to record the minutes of the meeting.


  • Once you have had at least one more meeting, and everyone is in agreement that you need a cemetery preservation association, it is time to get organized. You need to establish bylaws, elect officers, set up committees, and establish an action plan.

  • You may find that it is to your advantage to establish yourselves as a non profit corporation. While this is a simple process, the law on how to go about this process varies from state to state so you should check with your local state for the correct information.

  • You also may want to file to establish your association as a 501c3 federal non profit corporation.

  • If you are going to be dealing with money, you need to set up a bookkeeping system. You should also apply for a business name to protect the identity of your cemetery preservation association. In order to open a bank account, you will need to have a Tax I.D. Number.

  • If you want to be eligible for certain grants and to receive a special bulk mailing rate, you may want to apply for tax exempt status. As you work through the process, you will want to become familiar with the resources, including local and regional as well as the various online resources Make plans to promote the association. One good place to start is by registering your Association with the Saving Graves Association Registry.


Regular Meetings

  • Plan on holding regular monthly meetings (general consensus as to a mutually agreeable date).

  • Try to hold short meetings (about a hour) in which you run down what projects you are currently involved in, what in the works, legislation, etc. and then review what we know about the cemeteries in your focus area.

  • One of the first projects that you should undertake as a group is to IDENTIFY the cemeteries in your specific area. Until you catalog what you KNOW, you won't know where to start trying to learn new information. One problem here that you will want to be aware of is that in many cases cemeteries are known by multiple names. One person will talk to you about the "Smith" Cemetery and another will talk about the "Jones" Cemetery. In the end, you finally figure out that they are talking about the same piece of property! This can be accomplished by starting with the USGS topographical maps for all the quads in in your county, or region. You will want to have them laminated and possibly mounted on a backing board. Because of the tremendous detail on the USGS maps, you can usually pinpoint a cemetery's location with a high degree of accuracy. Not all of the cemeteries in your focus area will be found on the USGS map. The rest can be added with Sharpie type marker. Because the maps were laminated prior to mounting, you can take a Q-tip and some alcohol and change any "mistakes".


  • Create a website. This alone can take up the majority of the time that you devote to the association.

  • Plan cemetery clean-up dates. When one of the group gets involved in a cemetery clean-up, they can call on the others in the group or labor, assistance and advice. Try to make use of community volunteer groups for help when possible.



Reprinted from Saving Graves: Starting A Cemetery Preservation Association http://web.archive.org/web/20040530013121/http://www.savinggraves.org

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Cemetery Reports By Parish January 2013 PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 09 January 2013 22:22
Cemetery Report Name
Date Parish
Abondoned cemeteries gleaned from lists
Murphey Cemetery Acadia Parish
08/15/08 Acadia
Hookmans Graveyard - Acadia Parish
06/26/12 Acadia Parish
Sweet Olive Cemetery Baton Rouge
01/20/09 Baton Rouge Parish
Bayou and Coastal Louisiana Cemeteries
Carter Cemetery Beauregard Parish
09/01/06 Beauregard Parish
Rigmaiden Family Cemetery- Beauregard Parish
08/02/11 Beauregard Parish
Iron headstones Beauregard Parish
08/23/11 Beauregard Parish
Nix Ferry - Abandoned - Beauregard Parish
05/15/12 Beauregard Parish
Brushy Valley Cemetery- Beinville Parish
08/01/11 Bienville Parish
Durden Cemetery - Bossier Parish
06/13/10 Bossier Parish
UNKNOWN - Bossier Parish
06/13/10 Bossier Parish
Caney Creek Cemetery - Bossier Parish
06/24/12 Bossier Parish
Shows Cemetery Caddo Parish
04/16/01 Caddo Parish
Calvary Cemetery No. 2, Hopewell Cemetery,Pickens Cemetery, Mansfield Rd. Cemetery, Fairfield Cemetery,Carver Cemetery, Teacle Cemetery, Jordan Cemetery, Arnett Cemetery - Caddo Parish - Shreveport
01/10/10 Caddo Parish
Caddo Parish, Shreveport, Historical Jewish Cemetery Desecrated
05/22/10 Caddo Parish
Markham - Abandoned - Caddo Parish
05/15/12 Caddo Parish
Red River - Curtis Plantation - Caddo Parish
05/15/12 Caddo Parish
Spring Ridge - Abandoned - Caddo Parish
05/15/12 Caddo Parish
Spring Ridge - Abandoned - Caddo Parish
05/15/12 Caddo Parish
Cook Family Cemetery, Shreveport, Caddo Parish
09/13/12 Caddo Parish
White Lattier Cemetery - Abandoned - Caddo Parish
10/29/12 Caddo Parish
Mezpah Baptist Church Cemetery Caldwell Parish
07/24/01 Caldwell Parish
Headstone Found - Westlake - Calcasieu Parish
04/05/11 Caldwell Parish
Filhiol Cemetery - Caldwell Parish 2012
05/20/12 Caldwell Parish
Lively Cemetery - Caldwell Parish 2010
05/20/12 Caldwell Parish
First Cemetery Cameron Parish
12/09/10 Cameron Parish
Blythe Cemetery - Catahoula Parish
10/17/09 Catahoula Parish
Unknown Private Cemetery Catahoula Parish
04/27/10 Catahoula Parish
UNKNOWN ABANDONED - Claiborne Parish
08/14/11 Claiborne Parish
Old Whitehall - Claiborne Parish
05/15/12 Claiborne Parish
Carter Cemetery - Claiborne Parish
04/27/10 Clairborne Parish
Chevy Chase Cemetery Concordia Parish
09/01/00 Concordia Parish
Old Gravel Point - DeSoto Parish Restored
01/19/11 DeSoto Parish
Mickens Road Cemetery East Baton Rouge Parish
07/05/00 East Baton Rouge Parish
Nick Wax Cemetery East Baton Rouge Parish
07/05/00 East Baton Rouge Parish
Nick Wax CemeteryEast Baton Rouge Parish
07/10/11 East Baton Rouge Parish
105 Mile Spur Crossroads Cemetery- East Baton Rouge Parish
08/01/11 East Baton Rouge Parish
UNKNOWN - Abandoned - Zachary, East Baton Rouge
05/15/12 East Baton Rouge Parish
UNKNOWN Abandoned - Port Hickey Road - East Baton Rouge
05/15/12 East Baton Rouge Parish
Brian Cemetery - East Feliciana
05/16/12 East Feliciana Parish
Old Reagan Cemetery - Franklin Parish 26 August 2010
09/19/10 Franklin Parish
Hurricane Isaac Flooding our Cemeteries in Louisiana
Joseph Jenkins Cemetery Iberia Parish
05/06/09 Iberia Parish
Donations - IRS 2011
09/15/12 IRS EIN-ADDRESS and PARISH 2011
Vernon Cemetery Jackson Parish
04/12/01 Jackson Parish
Fowler Cemetery Jackson Parish
12/23/01 Jackson Parish
Parish CemeteryReports Summary January 2011
01/26/11 January 2011 Summary
Lopez Cemetery - Jefferson Davis Parish
02/22/10 Jefferson Davis Parish
Lopez Family Cemetery Jefferson Davis Parish
04/27/10 Jefferson Davis Parish
Lopez Family Cemetery - Jefferson Davis Parish *Updated* January 26, 2012
05/15/12 Jefferson Davis Parish
St. Lukes - Little Zion - Cleona Plantation - Lafourche Parish
08/08/08 Lafourche Parish
Douglas CemeteryVandalism - Lincoln Parish
12/19/11 Lincoln Parish
New Testament Church Cemetery Livingston Parish
09/11/05 Livingston Parish
#1: Various graves & locations reported to Marlon Ebey
08/06/11 Marlon Ebey Reported Various
Various Cemeteries Morehouse Parish
03/30/08 Morehouse Parish
Jewish cemetery - Natchitoches Parish
07/12/08 Natchitoches Parish
Saint Louis #1 Orleans Parish
10/29/00 Orleans Parish
Holt Cemetery Orleans Parish
01/05/01 Orleans Parish
Charity Hospital Cemetery Orleans Parish
02/29/04 Orleans Parish
Holt Cemetery - Orleans Parish
06/30/08 Orleans Parish
Holt Cemetery Orleans Parish
04/27/10 Orleans Parish
Holt Cemetery Orleans Parish August 23, 2010
08/31/10 Orleans Parish
UNKNOWN cemetery- Orleans Parish
12/29/11 Orleans Parish
Twin Cities Memorial Gardens Ouachita Parish Monroe
11/30/99 Ouachita Parish
Nash Cemetery Ouachita Parish
11/18/08 Ouachita Parish
Faust Cemetery - Ouachita Parish
04/25/10 Ouachita Parish
Old City Cemetery - Ouachita Parish
12/31/10 Ouachita Parish
J. S. Clark cemetery- Ouachita Parish
01/19/11 Ouachita Parish
Lily White CemeteryNo. 2 - Ouachita Parish
02/16/11 Ouachita Parish
Gains Chapel Cemetery- Ouachita Parish
02/21/11 Ouachita Parish
Puckettville Cemetery- Ouachita Parish
02/21/11 Ouachita Parish
Bartholowmew - Island Cemetery - Dead Bayou - Ouachita Parish January 26, 2012
05/15/12 Ouachita Parish
Faust Cemetery Ouachita Parish - updated
07/25/2000-01/25/2011 Ouachita Parish
Lamothe Family Cemetery- Rapides Parish
08/02/11 Rapides Parish
Rapides Parish CemeteryPineville, Louisiana
08/13/11 Rapides Parish
Lamothe - Rapides Parish
03/20/12 Rapides Parish
Springhill Cemetery - Lacompte - Rapides Parish
07/04/12 Rapides Parish
Central Louisiana State Hospital Cemetery Preservation - Rapides Parish Pineville, Louisiana
09/15/12 Rapides Parish
Holly Oak Restoration Project - Pineville, Rapides Parish Louisiana
09/15/12 Rapides Parish
Old Gwinn Cemetery Dehlco Richaland Parish
02/09/09 Richland Parish
Pleasant Hill Baptist Church - Sabine Parish
01/19/09 Sabine Parish
Youngblood Cemetery- St. Helena Parish
01/02/11 St Helena Parish
Garden of the Pines, Covington Cemetery, or Wilson Cemetery east and west St. Tammany Parish
04/05/08 St. Bernard Parish
St Bernard Memorial Gardens - Thefts - St. Bernard Parish
04/09/08 St. Bernard Parish
Pet Cemetery - St. Bernard
05/20/12 St. Bernard Parish
Shell Mound Cemetery - St Charles Parish
05/02/10 St. Charles Parish
Birch Cemetery St. Helena Parish
03/04/01 St. Helena Parish
Youngblood Cemetery - St. Helena Parish
01/02/11 St. Helena Parish
St. Helena Parish Cemetery Preservation
09/15/12 St. Helena Parish
Abandoned - Godeau - St. Landry Parish
05/16/12 St. Landry Parish
St. Michael Cemetery St. Martin Parish
05/28/08 St. Martin Parish
Rose Hill - Iberia Parish - Formerly St. Martin Parish
06/01/08 St. Martin Parish
St. Michaels Cemetery - St. Martin Parish
12/30/10 St. Martin Parish
Sorrel - St. Mary Parish
01/10/12 St. Mary Parish
Carlin Family - Franklin - St. Mary Parish - LOST
03/31/12 St. Mary Parish
Sorrel Cemetery - St Mary Parish January 10, 2012
05/15/12 St. Mary Parish
Madisonville St. Tammany Parish
11/13/00 St. Tammany Parish
Slidell - Camp Villere - St. Tammany Parish - VA cemetery
04/06/12 St. Tammany Parish
Unknown - Bayou Lacombe Cemetery - St. Tammany Parish
06/26/12 St. Tammany Parish
Starkey Cemetery Tangipahoa Parish
03/01/02 Tangipahoa Parish
Colonial Cemetery Tangipahoa Parish
03/21/08 Tangipahoa Parish
Goodbee Cemetery- Tangipahoa Parish
11/11/11 Tangipahoa Parish
Alphenia Plantation - Bowman Family Cemetery Tensas Parish
04/27/10 Tensas Parish
St. Johns Cemetery- Houma, Terrebonne Parish
08/02/11 Terrebonne Parish
Deweyville Cemetery - Terrebonne Parish May 2012
05/20/12 Terrebonne Parish
Picou Cemetery - Louisiana Sea Grant
05/20/12 Terrebonne Parish*
Jordan Family Cemetery - Union Parish
01/20/11 Union Parish
Jordan Family Cemetery- Union Parish
01/20/11 Union Parish
Port Union CemeteryUnion Parish
10/30/11 Union Parish
Frederick Cemetery Vermilion Parish
12/01/09 Vermilion Parish
Abandoned Cemeteries - Vernon Parish
05/16/12 Vernon Parish
Vernon Parish Cemetery Theft
05/25/12 Vernon Parish
Lea Cemetery Washington Parish
05/06/01 Washington Parish
Nine Cemeteries Endangered Washington Parish
07/14/08 Washington Parish
Kemp CemeteryWashington Parish
12/09/11 Washington Parish
Magee CemeteryWashington Parish
12/10/11 Washington Parish
Overton Cemetery - Webster Parish - January 30 2012
05/15/12 Webster Parish
Silvery and Westover Plantation - West Baton Rouge Parish
06/15/10 West Baton Rouge Parish
Mcgaha Cemetery - West Carroll Parish
01/26/10 West Carroll Parish
Locust Grove Cemetery- West Feliciana Parish
01/15/11 West Feleciana Parish
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Who to contact? PDF Print E-mail
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Contacts for Louisiana Cemetery Preservation
Local, Parish, State, and LA Dept. of Arch.
see file tags: "contact", "contacts"

  1. Police Jury Association -
  2. Municipal Directory
  3. Attorney General - File - URL
  5. Historic Cemetery Trust Fund Advisory Board
    Julie Vezinot - Director of Boards and Commissions,
    Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism
    Mailing Address Post Office Box 94361
    Baton Rouge, LA 70804
    Phone Number 225-342-1294
    Fax Number --
    Board Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

  6. Local Sheriff -
  7. Louisiana Cemetery Preservation This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  8. Bayou Coastal Cemeteries - Louisiana Sea Grant - Jessica Schexnayder – Administrative Coordinator, Communications
    105 Sea Grant Bldg.
    Louisiana State University
    Baton Rouge, LA 70803-7507
    Phone: (225) 578-6448
    Fax: (225) 578-6331
    This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

  9. **Submit a new report** - http://louisianacemeteries.angelfire.com/report_new.html
  10. **Update a previous repor**t - http://louisianacemeteries.angelfire.com/form.html

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