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1   Link   Join the wiki
2   Link   Burial Sites Board, Louisiana Unmarked
Burial Sites Board, Louisiana Unmarked
c/o Chip McGimsey; P.O. Box 44247
Baton Rouge, LA 70804-4247
(225) 342-8170

Board shall consist of 7 mems. All mems apptd by the gov requiring senate confirmation. Mems apptd as follows: 1 Phys Anthro, 1 Profess Arch, 1 belonging to a tribe recognized by LA but not by the Federal Govt & 1 belonging to a federal recognized tribe of LA, 1 non-Indian minority nom by LA Leg Black Caucus. All appts end at the same time as the term of the gov making the appt. The director of the governor's commission on Indian Affairs & the director of the division of archaeology serves ex-officio terms.

(created by R.S. 8:675)

3   Link   Historic Cemetery Trust Fund Advisory Board
Name Historic Cemetery Trust Fund Advisory Board
Contact Person Julie Vezinot - Director of Boards and Commissions, Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism
Mailing Address Post Office Box 94361
Baton Rouge, LA 70804
Phone Number 225-342-1294
Fax Number --
Board Email jvezinot@crt.la.gov
Website --
Legal Authority R.S. 25:941
Year Created 2010
Organizational Placement Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism
Purpose/Function Created to advise usage of the Historic Cemetery Trust Fund - which is not funded by the State and relys on donations and gifts. To date, no money has been deposited into this fund.
Number of Entity Members: Number Authorized:
Number Currently Serving:
Number of Entity Meetings: Actual number in prior year:
Estimated number in current year:

4   Link   Cemeteries and Burials - Louisiana Division of Archaeology
Cemeteries and Burials

The Division of Archaeology is responsible for protecting and preserving abandoned cemeteries, unmarked graves, and human remains under the Unmarked Human Burial Sites Preservation Act (R. S. 8:671-681) and the Louisiana Historic Cemetery Preservation Act (R.S. 25:931-943). An “abandoned cemetery” includes any cemetery that is not being maintained, where the tombs, fences, and headstones are collapsing and falling into ruin, and trees, shrubs and other vegetation are growing amongst the graves. An “unmarked grave” includes any location where human remains have been found and there is no surficial evidence of a grave (tombstone, grave marker, etc.). A cemetery and grave are defined to include any human remains present, the tomb and headstone, and any items placed with the deceased (burial artifacts).

The Division does not have any authority for cemeteries that are maintained and/or kept in good condition by municipal, fraternal, religious or family organizations. Nor does it have any authority for cemeteries that are licensed by the Louisiana Cemetery Board.

If you believe you have found an abandoned cemetery, please contact the Division of Archaeology at 225-342-8170 or archaeology@crt.la.gov. Our staff will with work with you to record the site, and assess whether it is threatened by development, erosion or other factor. We can also provide guidance on how to clean up and protect an abandoned cemetery from further decay.

If you believe you have found human remains during an excavation or exposed on the surface, please contact the appropriate law enforcement officials within 24 hours. They will determine if the location is a crime scene. If it is not a crime scene, please contact the Division of Archaeology within 72 hours of the discovery. Our staff will work with you, law enforcement, the landowner, and possible descendents to determine the appropriate course of action. There is no penalty for accidentally uncovering human remains but the discovery must be reported promptly.

If you have any questions or concerns about abandoned cemeteries, unmarked graves, or human remains, please contact the Division of Archaeology at 225-342-8170 or archaeology@crt.la.gov.

5   Link   Active Cemeteries, Cemetery Districts, Rules and Laws, Title 8
Louisiana Revised Statutes
Title 8


The following sections of the Louisiana Revised Statutes and Rules and Regulations are available for you to download. You will need the Adobe® Acrobat Reader to view them.

All individual files are between 5 and 106 Kb. Download times will vary depending on connection speed.

Chapter 1 Definitions
Chapter 2 Louisiana Cemetery Board
Chapter 3 Publicly Owned Cemeteries
Chapter 3A St. Mary Parish Cemetery District
Chapter 3B Rapides Parish Cemetery District
Chapter 3C Grant Parish Cemetery District
Chapter 3D Lasalle Parish Cemetery District
Chapter 3E Sweet Lake-Grand Lake Community Cemetery District of Cameron Parish
Chapter 3F St. Landry Parish Cemetery District
Chapter 4 Cemetery Companies
Chapter 5 Acquisition of Cemetery Property
Chapter 6 Cemetery Sales and Management Organization
Chapter 7 Cemetery Care Fund
Chapter 8 Merchandise Trust Fund
Chapter 9 Mausoleums or Similar Structures
Chapter 10 Human Remains
Chapter 10a La. Unmarked Human Burial Sites Preservation Act
Chapter 11 Undeveloped Land
Chapter 12 Title to and Rights in Cemetery Spaces
Chapter 13 Miscellaneous

Rules and Regulations

Introduction Description
Chapter 1 General Provisions
Chapter 2 Rule-Making Procedure
Chapter 3 Certificate or License
Chapter 4 General Procedural Rules
Chapter 5 Declaratory Orders and Rulings
Chapter 6 Cemetery Care Fund/Merchandise Trust Fund
Chapter 7 Qualifications for Certificate of Authority
Chapter 8
6   Link   Attorney General Opinions
3445 N. Causeway Boulevard, Suite 700
Metairie, Louisiana 70002
Telephone (504) 838-5267
Toll Free (866) 488-5267
Fax (504) 838-5289

Attorney General Opinions

Welcome to the Louisiana Cemetery Board Attorney General Opinions page.

Opinions of the Attorney General are advisory only; they do not have the force and effect of the law; and they are limited to the facts presented by the official or officials requesting the opinion. Further, the opinions may be changed or recalled due to subsequent court decisions and/or legislative enactments.

Listed below are various Attorney General Opinions relating to the provisions of Title 8 and its Rules and Regulations as they relate to cemeteries in Louisiana.

Attorney General Opinion #10-0280 – Act 707 of the 2010 Regular Session of the Louisiana Legislature does not change the conclusions reached by this office in La. Attorney General Opinion #08-0135.

Attorney General Opinion #10-0275 - The isolated scattering of cremated human remains on noncemetery property does not trigger the cemetery dedication provisions of La. R.S. 8:304-306.

Attorney General Opinion #10-0259 - Discusses whether certain memorials are permissible for use on cemetery property under the provisions of La. R.S. 8:304-306.

Attorney General Opinion #10-0258 - Discusses numerous questions related to the dedication of cemetery property under Louisiana law and the Louisiana Unmarked Human Burial Sites Preservation Act.

Attorney General Opinion #85-0234 - An individual who is not contracting with either a Cemetery Sales Organization or a Cemetery Management Organization may not represent owners of cemetery plots in the re-sale of said plots.

Attorney General Opinion #10-0018 - There is no need to seek a judicial dededication of cemetery property when nonconforming uses are to be removed. However, any activity in or on property subject to the Louisiana Unmarked Human Burial Sites Act that may impact human burials is subject to the permitting and regulatory authority of the Louisiana Division of Archaeology. The Thomy Lafon School property is subject to the latter authority.

Attorney General Opinion #09-0144 - When a pauper dies within the City's legal limits, the City must bear the costs of the burial of those remains. In order to reduce the costs of the burial of paupers to the public, the provisions of cemetery spaces within City-owned cemeteries without cost is appropriate. Determining whether someone qualifies as a pauper is based upon the inclusion of the deceased of the parish list of paupers or those receiving assistance.

Attorney General Opinion #08-0186 - Free access to isolated cemeteries must be permitted under the jurisprudence of the State.

Attorney General Opinion #08-0135 - The Louisiana Cemetery Board does not have regulatory authority over those cemeteries that are subject to the Louisiana Unmarked Human Burial Sites Preservation Act.

Attorney General Opinion #08-0100 - Because no cemetery authority exists for the cemetery and because it is clear that the proposed project will not disturb any human remains, the Parish should initiate an expropriation proceeding in the Nineteenth Judicial District Court pursuant to the general rules for expropriation in Title 19. The Parish should also request that the court remove the cemetery dedication for that portion of Knox Cemetery that is implicated by the planned project.

Attorney General Opinion #07-0183 - Cemetery authorities cannot destroy cemetery spaces except in very limited situations. Preservation of historic cemetery spaces should always be favored.

Attorney General Opinion #05-0131 - If the Town of Arcadia has determined that the public's best interest is served thereby, and the Town of Acadia has aquired or aquires the cemetery property in question by expropriation, aquisitive prescription, purchase or otherwise, the Town can legally mow and maintain the cemetery property.

Attorney General Opinion #04-0243 - La. Const. Art. VII, Section 14 prohibits the Town of Arcadia from using public funds for the mowing of cemeteries that are privately owned, or that have not been dedicated for public purposes or dedicated and accepted by the Town. On the other hand, it is our opinion that LSA-R.S. 8:101, et seq., specifically at LSA-R.S. 8:104 authorizes the Town of Arcadia to maintain "any cemetery title to which is in the public and under the control and management" of the Town.

Attorney General Opinion #99-0376 - The Louisiana Unmarked Burial Sites Board, not the Parish Coroner, has jurisdiction and authority over an unmarked burial site that is over fifty years old and where there is no need for a criminal investigation. It is unlawful for any person or entity to knowingly disturb an unmarked burial site or any known skeletal remains without authorization from the Louisiana Unmarked Burial Sites Board. The Louisiana Unmarked Burial Sites Board has a duty to consult with a levee board and the Corps of Engineers to determine a proper course of action for the excavation of an unmarked burial site in order to ensure the integrity of a levee that may be in the vicinity of the unmarked burial site.

Attorney General Opinion #93-0346 - A cemetery has five years from the date of first sale to complete construction of a mausoleum.

Attorney General Opinion #90-0630 - A "public cemetery" is one established by a municipal or parochial governing authority; all other cemeteries are "private" cemeteries, which cannot legally be maintained by use of public funds.

Attorney General Opinion #89-0565 - Rules and regulations of the cemetery authority must not be contrary to state law and must be reasonable.

Attorney General Opinion #86-0560 - The recordation certificates for the annual accounting of a cemetery must be filed in the parish where the cemetery is located.

Attorney General Opinion #86-0334 – Provides for withdrawals from Merchandise Trust Fund where cemetery authority purchases the merchandise for storage either on the site of the cemetery or in connection with the bronze storage program approved by the Louisiana Cemetery Board.

Attorney General Opinion #10-0234 - The 1957 judicial removal of the cemetery dedication on the Jackson Avenue Cemetery property remains valid today. Should human remains be encountered during demolition or construction operations on the property, the Louisiana Unmarked Human Burial Sites Act will be triggered.

Attorney General Opinion #85-0133 - At Large members of the Louisiana Cemetery Board cannot directly or indirectly be involved in the cemetery or funeral business. LA. R.S. 8:61(B)
7   Link   Create a Family Burial Ground
3445 N. Causeway Boulevard, Suite 700
Metairie, Louisiana 70002
Telephone (504) 838-5267
Toll Free (866) 488-5267
Fax (504) 838-5289

8   Link   Bayou Coastal Louisiana Cemeteries
Display Project Detail Back
Project Status
Survey of Louisiana's Coastal Cemeteries
Initiation Date Revision Date Completion Date
5/1/2011 5/31/2013
Sub Program Strategic Plan Code

Principal Investigator Email Effort Affi. Code Affiliation
Schexnayder, J. jsche15@lsu.edu 0 2200 Louisiana Sea Grant
Co-Principal Investigator Effort Affi. Code Affiliation
Manhein, M. 0 2201 LSU Geography and Anthropology
Assistant Effort Affi. Code Affiliation
Maurice Wolcott 0 2200 Louisiana Sea Grant
Sea Grant Fund State Matching Fund
$9,968.00 $0.00
Last Year SG Fund Last Year State Matching Fund
$0.00 $0.00
Related Projects Parent Projects

State Code Grant No

Classification Keyword

Our objective is to survey and record specifics of endangered cemeteries within the Louisiana state-defined coastal zone. Through this survey, we hope to show loss of state's cultural heritage as coastal erosion and sea level rise continue to affect Louisiana's coastline.
We will begin by accessing data/resources already in place to minimize research to be done. This can be accomplished through resources such as USGS data, state topographic maps, Google Earth, etc. Then we will visit cemetery sites to record GIS location, size, population density, proximity to Gulf and historical persons buried within. Cemeteries will be prioritized in terms of most endangered. Our initial survey work will begin in Grand Isle, Louisiana - a threatened coastal site. This visit will be used to determine time required to record site data, and to determine the number of sites to be visited within the funding time limit.
The preliminary reason for the project is to note the heightened need of preservation. By protecting the physical setting, the cultural heritage is protected as well. It is also to show connection of the living to the dead. There is a loss of culture as people are forced to move inland - cemeteries are no longer cared for and left abandoned. The project will foster the idea that although physical structure may not be able to be permanently saved, the culture can be saved through documentation. Lastly, the survey work will be used to define magnitude of project and as a preliminary step toward a larger grant application.
A GIS map is in creation for future access and use by local, parish and state entities. Two cemeteries recorded are not in the correct location on Google Maps. A list will be submitted to Google near the end of the project to ask for and highlight the need for correction.
Significant Accomplishments
Forty-three cemeteries located in thirteen parishes were recorded between July 2011 and October 2012. Of those cemeteries, 2 are partially submerged due to erosion, and 3 flood daily with the incoming tide. Four cemeteries are in severe disrepair due to storm surge damage post Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Two have severe damage post Hurricane Isaac. All cemeteries recorded have been inundated by a combination of one or more of the hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Gustav, Ike and Isaac.

A working partnership has been formed with DMORT (Disaster Mortuary) to share data from cemeteries they have mapped, and to possibly help identify individuals located in FEMA replacement caskets as the research is carried out. In August 2012 LDHH (La Dept. Health Hospitals) asked us to share the data collected from Plaquemines parish to assist in the identification and cleanup of cemeteries disrupted post Hurricane Isaac.
Students Supported
Publications No of Publications: 0
"Shrimp Boats, Swing Sets and Voodoo Dolls: Cemeteries of Coastal Louisiana" Photo essay and presentation "Society for Cultural Anthropology Spring Meeting," May 11-12, 2012, Providence, RI. LSU-
"Shrimp Boats, Swing Sets and Voodoo Dolls: Cemeteries of Coastal Louisiana" Photo essay and presentation "Society for Cultural Anthropology Spring Meeting," May 11-12, 2012, Providence, RI

"Seas of Change in Coastal Louisiana: Documenting Life, Loss and Landscape" Joint presentation Jessica Schexnayder, LSU; Louisiana Sea Grant, Rebecca Carter, Brown University, and Donald Davis, LSU; Louisiana Sea Grant, "Society for Cultural Anthropology Spring Meeting," May 11-12, 2012, Providence, RI * Schexnayder and Brown Co-Chairs of session.

Other Accomplishments
Performance Measures
Measure 1: Economic and societal benefits derived from the discovery and application of new sustainable coastal and ocean products from the sea.

9   Link   Active Cemeteries Search
3445 N. Causeway Boulevard, Suite 700
Metairie, Louisiana 70002
Telephone (504) 838-5267
Toll Free (866) 488-5267
Fax (504) 838-5289

Database Search

10   Link   Publications
Association of Gravestone Studies (AGS) Conservation Talk Column

Chicora's Director, Dr. Michael Trinkley, is hosting a column in the Association of Gravestone Studies Newsletter called Conservation Talk. These columns are available below as pdf files. All articles are copyrighted by the Association of Gravestone Studies (AGS) and are provided here through their kind permission.

Lichen & Cleaning Stones -- what are lichen, how do they damage stones, and what should we do about them?

Use of Ordinary Portland Cement -- is there really any appropriate use for Portland cement in modern cemetery repairs?

Abrasives and Pressure Washers -- is powerful always better and what kind of damage are we doing with modern equipment?

"Simple" Epoxy Repairs -- what are these "simple" repairs, are they really simple, and should they even be used in cemeteries?

Cemetery Maintenance is More Than Mowing the Grass -- what are the top 10 maintenance problems and why mowing the grass is only the first step in cemetery maintenance?

Safety -- is repairing that stone worth your life . . . or the life of a volunteer?

Vandalism -- every cemetery faces it, but this column provides some tips for dealing with the problem effectively.

Pins and Epoxy -- what pins work best and why? And how they interact with different epoxies. Why blind pinning isn't cookbook -- and requires a professional conservator.

Trees and Stones -- what to do when trees and stones come into conflict? How do we prevent ever getting into conflict in the first place?

Fences -- what are the top 5 fence problems and how do you go about solving them in your cemetery?

Rigging Safety -- What are required to rig cemetery stones and what should you consider in the process? Part 1 of 2

11   Link   Find A Grave Forums
12   Link   La-cemeteries.com
What's New with LA-cemeteries.com

13   Link   Ancestry Message Board- Louisiana Cemetery Preservation
Ancestry.com message board for Louisiana Cemetery Preservation

14   Link   Mailing List for Louisiana Cemetery Preservation
Rootsweb.com Mailing List
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15   Link   Saving Graves - State Websites
Nathan Zipfel's Saving Graves State Websites

16   Link   USGS GNIS
17   Link   Louisiana Cemetery Preservation Flickr
Louisiana Cemetery Preservation

18   Link   Cemetery Conservation with NCPTT
National Center for Preservation Technology and Training

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